With thirty years experience designing some of the world’s finest woodburning and multifuel stoves, we are pleased to introduce our range of multifuel premium quality contemporary stoves. Designed and engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of modern room heating.

We construct our contemporary stoves from premium grade, heavy gauge steel. We use a heavier gauge steel than most stoves to ensure many years of service and reliability, which is why we are able to offer a 10 year warranty.

The Solis is a striking stove with its full length door handle, whilst the Trinity is a more compact stove having its own unique style and a choice of single or triple glass panels. The Novus, with it’s sleek black ceramic top and black glass front creates is own sense of occasion.

Options within the Neo range include a choice of cupboard base, pedestal base, legs or wall hanging option.

These are all further enhanced by being available with either a single glass door panel or with additional side glass panels, allowing you to choose the perfect combination for your home.

Neo stoves are supplied with a cast iron door and a cast iron top plate. All stoves are supplied with a cast iron flue collar and cast iron grate.

All of our contemporary stoves are finished in black stove paint and feature a powerful airwash system to sweep the door glass panel clear of combustion deposits, so you will enjoy a stunning view of the fire.

Cleanburn technology and a lined firebox ensure that you get the maximum efficiency from your fuel supplies – whether you choose to burn wood or solid fuel. The entire range is ‘Smoke Exempt’ which means that you can even use our stoves to burn wood in smoke controlled zones.

Essential stove information


Our contemporary range features stove bodies made from premium grade heavy gauge steel with a solid cast iron flue collar and grate, All our Neo stoves also feature a solid cast iron door and top plate. We use a heavier gauge of steel than most stoves to ensure many years of service and reliability.


ACR Stoves produce varying degrees of heat. In order to calculate whether an appliance will be suitable for your room please consult your local dealer for advice. As a general rule of thumb you will need approximately 1 Kw of heat for every 14 cubic metres of room-space (based on an outdoor temperature of O°c). Measure your room’s height, width and depth to obtain a total cubic metres figure and divide by 14. This calculation can be influenced by other factors such as levels of insulation and number of windows, so treat your final figure as a guideline only. Your dealer will be happy to provide you with a more accurate calculation.


Smoke Exempt means that you can now burn wood in
designated smoke controlled zones. All the stoves in this
brochure are fully approved as Smoke Exempt by DEFRA, this requires that the stove is used in accordance with the users manual. Visit for further information.




In 2022 a new European wide programme to lower emissions and
in turn improve air quality comes into force. It will be known as
EcoDesign. The manufacturers within the Stove Industry Alliance
(SIA) have chosen to design models which already meet the EcoDesign criteria now, to prove their commitment to lowering emissions and improving efficiencies. These stoves carry the SIA EcoDesign Ready label and have been independently tested and verified by HETAS. SIA EcoDesign Ready stoves are the most environmentally friendly stoves and offer lower particle emissions up to 90% better than those found in open fires, low CO emissions and higher efficiencies.

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In line with current building regulations your installer will need to check that the appliance he is installing is CE approved. All of our stoves are fully CE approved and the appropriate certification is available to your installer by calling ACR Stoves on 0121 706 8266.


All of our contemporary stoves can be connected to a direct air supply. This allows combustion air to be drawn into the stove directly from outside your home. Our direct air kit is designed for optimum performance with our stoves and is available from your local ACR dealer.