Dalby fire wood 10% discount when mentioning our name. Best wood is kiln dried wood burns nice and efficiently giving you the best flame and heat output and least smoke. When burning old wet sappy wood this will smoke much more and not let off as much heat. This will also blacken up the glass to the stove reducing the visibility into the stove.


Hardwood or softwood?

Do you know the difference between hardwood and softwood? Hardwoods are any broad-leafed tree such as Beech and Elm, while softwoods are conifers including Cedar and Fir. When it comes to burning wood in stoves, hardwood is better than softwood as it burns slower. The density of softwood is also around half that of hardwood, which results in it burning twice as fast – meaning you’ll need twice as much!

Ash– Considered the best wood for burning; it produces a steady flame and strong heat output.

Beech– Burns similar to Ash.

Birch– Produces a strong heat output but can burn quite quickly.

  Oak– The density of the wood produces a small flame and very slow burn

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