Stove installations carried out week commencing 5/11/18

Some images of stove installations carried out week commencing 5/11/18

Inset stove burning brightly

Stove beautifully set-off with rendered fireplace and black slate hearth

The beautiful Esse Firemaster II 5kw Multifuel Stove

external twinwall flue

External twinwall flue

..cleaview vision 500

The fabulous Cleaview Vision 500 on black slate hearth


Another angle


Installation carried out in Holtby, near York

Some images of a recent stove installation carried out for a customer in Holtby, near York

Breaking out the old fireplace

Breaking out the old fireplace

old fireplace broken out

Old fireplace broken out

rubble removed

Rubble removed and ready for disposal

new fireplace prepared

New fireplace prepared

stove in place

Stove in place

stove installed and burning

Stove installed and burning beautifully

finished stove install

Look at those flames!


Install of a Morso 8843

Below is the install of a Morso 8843 to replace and open fire.

Wolds Stoves

Old Open fire before removal

Careful removal of old Fireplace

Clearing the old and opening up the fireplace

The New Finish Goes On

The Finished Product of an install of a Morso 8843

Ban on wood stoves? The truth of it all

Article courtesy of HETAS

Ban on wood stovesNo doubt you will have all seen some misleading headlines in recent months about a possible ban on wood stoves. Here, we identify the truth behind the headlines and what you can tell customers who might have seen the headlines.

On the 22nd May the Environment Secretary Michael Gove published a Clean Air Strategy which aims to cut air pollution and save lives, backed up through new primary legislation. What does the strategy say and how will it impact you and your customers?

The new strategy, which is out for consultation until the 14th August, is a key part of Defra’s 25 Year Plan to leave our environment in a better state than we found it. HETAS, Woodsure and The Stove Industry Alliance have all been consulting with Defra for some time now and once again Defra has clarified they are not looking to implement a ban on wood stoves.

No ban on wood stoves | The key points

The strategy summarises actions to reduce emissions from domestic burning, clearly identifying there is no intention to ban wood burning stoves. Here are the key points:

  1. Legislate to prohibit sale of the most polluting fuels.
  2. Ensure that only the cleanest stoves are available for sale by 2022.
  3. Give new powers to local authorities to take action in areas of high pollution, bringing legislation into the 21st century with more flexible, proportionate enforcement powers.
  4. Work with industry to identify an appropriate test standard for new solid fuels entering the market.
  5. Ensure that consumers understand what they can do to reduce their impact from burning.

The strategy also suggests Defra will give local authorities powers to go further in areas of high pollution, for example exploring what further steps government can take to enable local authorities to encourage ‘no burn days’ during high-pollution episodes.


The strategy identifies a number of voluntary initiatives that industry has undertaken to address concerns over air pollution from wood burning. These include Woodsure’s Ready to Burn, The SIA Ecodesign Ready scheme (administered by HETAS) and the Burnright campaign.

HETAS will continue to work with Defra and industry to drive forward policy and reduce air pollution from wood burning. Defra would like your views on the actions being proposed to reduce air pollution and its effects, and to hear whether you have any further suggestions. Make sure you have your say at