We at Westbo of Sweden provide classic fireplaces and stoves made of cast iron since more than 25 years ago in typical Scandinavian style.In Sweden we have about 100 rainy days and the average temperature is less than + 10 ° C. An oven as creates warmth and comfort in homes.The centuries-old tradition at the Swedish furnaces thrilled to us by Westbo. We know that not only are the intrinsic values ​​of a furnace, but it is a stylish device formative element and its look and feel a play decisive role.Let be a warming oven into an important center in your home and plan your oven purchase together with our Westbo dealers. Find out more online in advance to your stove purchase and opt in oven shop on site.

Old models and patterns from Småland foundries are role models for our stoves and cookers and provided the inspiration to our stylish, elegant and timeless classics oven.We love cast iron because it is one of the oldest materials in furnace construction. It is very heat resistant and has excellent thermal conductivity. We, as a Swedish manufacturer, are available for manual work and we do not mass production. Each oven is unique.Our stoves and cookers are constantly evolving, so that they do well also fit in with today’s living situations. The historic Outer remained, but theAdaptation to the latest environmental requirements is a matter of course.

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