Clearview Vision Inset Multi Fuel / Wood Burning Stove


The Clearview Vision Inset multi fuel / wood burning stove shres the tested Clearview features of its free standing sibling the Clearview Vision 500; wonderful fire view, clean burning and crystal clear glass. The Clearview Vision Inset can be installed in a standard fireplace opening where the hearth depth is limited and the least structural disruption is required. If the fireplace is to be constructed, use our fire convection box to line the opening. This will aid installation and ensure the correct air flow around the stove.

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Additional information

Fuel Type

Wood burning / multi fuel

Heat Output



Height – 569mm
Width – 530mm
Depth – 442mm

Flue Size





120Kg (without boiler)

Max Log Length

250mm (10 inch) approx


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